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New generation of OK engines coming soon

The homologation phase of the new OK and OK-Junior engines is underway and will be completed in December 2015. The engines, ignitions and carburetors will be approved for a period of nine years from 1st January 2016, after 50 OK and 50 OK-Junior engines have been submitted by each manufacturer during the inspection visit.


Six brands have applied for engine homologation in OK and OK-Junior:
- REXON Motors (Karlheinz Hahn),
- Vortex (OTK Kart Group),
- Parilla (IAME),
- TE (Tenciengines),
- TM Racing (TM Racing),
- LKE (Lenzokart).

The start of public sale and delivery of the new engine s will be at the end of the homologation process after mid-December 2015.

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New generation of OK engines coming soon
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