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Doku-Film über Kart: Kart Attack 2

Filmproduzent Scott A. Tugel beendete kürzlich die ersten Filmaufnahmen für den Extremsport-Film Kart Attack 2. Der Film wird action-geladenen Kartsport vom Feinsten zeigen. Severe Racing sucht nun noch nach Sponsoren, die in diesem, weltweit vertriebenen Film vorkommen wollen. Für alle Interessierten hier die englische Presseaussendung.

Severe Racing is a Professional Racing Film Company. Below is a brief description of what they are up to.

Film Producer, Scott A. Tugel recently finished filming for the upcoming extreme sports documentary film “Kart Attack 2". The film is an action packed thrill ride into the sport of Kart Racing. You have probably seen Scott on the apex, filming at spectacular races all over the Western U.S. This film will feature some of the best racing known to Karting.

Severe Racing is now developing opportunities for sponsor advertising and cross promotions with relevant brands, to be featured in their next film "Kart Attack 2", which will be shown worldwide.

They are including great interviews with stars like Alex Speed, Gary Carlton, Alan Sciuto and Jason Bowles to name a few. Included in the film is: intense racing action from the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Supernationals in Las Vegas. Other features include Stars of Karting, Pro Kart Challenge Racing Series, Intense helmet cam footage with Slava Prikhodko, Vintage Kart Racing today and Oval Racing action, just to name a little bit.

"Kart Attack 2" is scheduled for distribution into all of the Kart shops, accessories stores, online karting stores and mainstream markets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc… during the '07/08 Racing Season. The film will reach national and international markets including Europe and Australia. The majority of viewers are between the ages of 14-45 and all of them love motorsports of all types.

Severe Racing previously released, "Kart Attack" Volume 1 “Ignition”, which proved to be the most popular and highest selling Kart Racing film ever created. “Kart Attack 1” is carried by hundreds of dealers worldwide. All of their dealers have enjoyed continuous success. 7 time Formula One World Champion; Michael Schumacher's “WORLD TOUR KART” PC Video Game sponsored Kart Attack Volume 1, and now you have the ability to be a sponsor of “Kart Attack 2” !!!

Sponsors that were aligned with their first film and other products have enjoyed an increase in sales and participation in karting, directly related to their involvement with Severe Racing films. These films touch the heart of the viewer and these emotions are carried with the buyer when it comes time to choose specific brands to buy or a new sport to “get into”.

Severe Racing offers parties a role in their film on a full-scale ad/marketing program. Companies association with this film will reach a great number of potential customers. Also possible is the ability to be in the films special features section, highlighting the use and application of your products or services. This would have to be negotiated swiftly to insure inclusion at the editing process.

These films stay in front of the buyers and their friend’s eyes for years! Racing Films are a powerful way to get people involved in racing and market your products or services. Brands are reinforced each time someone views the films. Severe Racing has established nationwide networks that sell all of their products. Each film is viewed by at least 10 unique viewers. You simply can't get that many impressions in one sitting, from any other source. Press and website attention alone will mean direct revenue for any company. Cross Promotions deals would be negotiated on an individual basis, to benefit all involved hard reset.

As an example…Motorcycle films were responsible for the billion dollar growth jump in the motorcycle industry that you see today in Supercross, Freestyle and Motocross. Industry leaders “got it”, that films made their products Hot!!! Television picked up on the heat and now you have every major energy drink company involved and the X-Games known in every household worldwide. It is time for karting to join this type of success, and films are the way!

Feel free to contact Severe Racing with any questions or ideas you may have, by e-mail address or by phone, (Los Angeles, CA USA). Free DVD’S will be given to all sponsors involved. Severe Racing is proud to associate your company with this film, which will reach a great number of your potential customers. Every karter either owns a copy of Kart Attack 1 or knows someone that does. Now is your chance to get in on “Kart Attack 2”.

Contact: Scott A. Tugel
Severe Racing Films
5361 Russell Ave. Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel. 323-469-1923
Fax 323-461-8153
Email: scott@severeracing.com
Web: www.severeracing.com

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