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Rotax Max: Zwei neue Weltmeister

Das 5. Rotax Weltfinale ist zu Ende! Der Südafrikaner Wesleigh Orr (RM1) und der Franzose Benjamin Salvatore (RM-J) sind die neuen Weltmeister. Österreich war mit Julian Murmann und Dominik Kraihammer vertreten. Pressetext in englischer Originalfassung.

Hannes XL Gsell

Canary Islands, Spain (Sportimage)South Africa Wesleigh Orr and Benjamin Salvatore of France, are the new Rotax Max Challenge champion in the RM1 and junior

The stands of the Gran Karting Circuit in Lanzarote were full with standing room only, all were present to watch the fifth final of the Rotax Max Challenge. During the prefinal race presented this morning, the Swiss driver Ken Allemann seemed determined to put a stop tothe South African dominition who had won the first four edition of this annual event. Allemann easily won the prefinal and garanted himself pole position for the final race. The start was critical abd this is exactly were Allemann lost the race with a bad start. The defending champion, Christiano Morgado and quickly built a small gap. He was able to keep the gap till the end without pressure from the rear to become the new Rotax Max Challenge Champion. Tristam Oman, from thew United Kingdom finished third to comple the podium. The top tree drivers aged 35 years old and over are Sam Ghalleb, from France, Jan Andreasen, From Denmark and Manolis Tyamariadakis from Greece.

In the junior final, one could saz that everything was played during the prefinal were the French driver Benjamin Salvatore starting from 2nd position won the race and obtained pole for the final race. The final race was just a formality for Salvatore who lead from the start to finish. "I know that the race looked easy but it wasn;t the case for me. As soon as I took the lead, I had to manage my race so as not push to hard at the beginning to keep my tires fresh. Also, I found the race quite long, notably because of the temperature and my nervousness" said the happy winner.

The two drivers just behind him, Earl Bamber and Adam Christodoulou, were never a serious threath to the champion. The real battle was for second place and it was finally British driver Christodoulou who took the advantage over Bamber from New-Zeland. During the podium ceremony the frist two drivers Salvatore and Christodoulou won a test drive in Formula BMW from the Red Bull development program. The test will take place next October in Estoril, Portugal. Salvatore was extremely happy to receive this prize "this is an incredible opportunity for my and I fully intend to me the most of it".

The fifth edition of the 2005 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals is sponsored by Rotax, Magura, Unior, CRG, Denso, Motorex, Mojo, Bridgestone, Gran Karting club and Korridas.

Final race results
1. Wesleigh Orr, S-A
2. Cristiano Morgado, S-A
3. Tristan Oman, U-K
4. David Bellchambers, U-K
5. Ken Allemann, Swi
6. David Blake, Ned
7. Johan Renaux, Fr
8. Omar Martin, Spain
9. Satrio Hermanto, Indonesia
10. Satosi Nakagawa, Jap
11. Jarrod Carlyle, N-Z
12. Juan Sanso, C-R
13. Cenel America, Ned
14. Claudio Galeone, It
15. David Vanrzkelen, Bel
16. Scott Campbell, Can
17. Antonio Fernandez, Spain
18. Marc Murraz, S-A
19. Jame Tumuly, Ir
20. Cameron Thorpe, Aus
21. Tiego Ribeiro, Por
22. Cristen Mueller, Ger
23. Michael Bergenswtahl, Swi
24. Jordan Musser, USA
25. Marc Doppelfeld, Zim
26. Sam Ghalleb, France
27. Marco Di Leo, Can
28. Justin Melton, USA
29. Thot Christian Ebbesvik, Nor
30. Arya Setyaki, Indonesia
31. Michael Johnson, USA
32. Jan Andreasen, Den

Final results - Juniors
1. Benjamin Salvatore, France
2. Adam Christodoulou, U-K
3. Earl Bamber, N-Z
4. Ralp Odendaal, S-A
5. Tim Megenbier, USA
6. Nicolas Deyutter, Bel
7. Michiel Beutels, Bel
8. Gaetan Loncle, Fr
9. Jordie Linstrom, Aus
10. Shafiq Ali, Malaisia
11. Tin Sritrai, Thailand
12. Marlon Stockinger, Phi
13. Nico Marvin, Spain
14. Shigehiro Noda, Japan
15. Hugo Ouellette, Can
16. Jose Lizaro, C-R
17. Kevin Poya, Spain
18. Christophe Boisclair, Can
19. Alexandre Mata, Por
20. Julian Murmann, Austria
21. Armaan Ebrahim, India
22. Gabrier Kocher, Cyprius
23. Zulfikar Fahmi, Indonesia
24. Luuk lansdorp, Ner
25. Rocco Aueri, It
26. Mike Herda, USA
27. Danindro Arionindito, Indonesia
28. Mads Langberg, Den
29. Ross Jamison, Singapour
30. Daniel Suarez Garza, Mex
31. Dominik Kraihammer, Austria
32. Dimitri Fratzeskakis, Greece

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